Forth Wanderers – “Nerves”

Forth Wanderers’ new EP, Slop, comes out in a few weeks — it’s a stop-gap in between their 2014 debut, Tough Love, and a forthcoming sophomore album, but the four songs on it are a great summation of what makes the New Jersey band’s anxious rock music so appealing. We’ve already heard two of those songs — “Slop” and “Know Better” — and today they’ve shared a third, “Nerves,” a taut knot of a song that sees Ava Trilling wrapped up in someone else’s arms but still feeling uncomfortable, both because of the fear of losing that sense of companionship and the worry that the connection they have isn’t genuine. “Your arms felt good, holding me up like they should,” she sings. “I don’t know if I felt like that again/ Oh please, let me in.” Listen via NPR below.

The Slop EP is out 11/11 via Father/Daughter in the US and House Anxiety / Marathon Artists in the UK. Pre-order it physically here and digitally here.