Member Of Nobel Academy Says Bob Dylan Is Being “Arrogant” But Please Email Them?

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize In Literature last week. It was a big deal! Except because he’s Bob Dylan, he’s being really weird about it, refusing to acknowledge it in any way and completely ignoring the Swedish Academy’s attempts to contact him.

Understandably, the people who decided to bestow this great honor upon him are more than a little annoyed that he doesn’t seem to give a single fuck. One member of the Academy, Per Wästberg, vented his frustration in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter today: “One can say that it is rude and arrogant.”

Wästberg says that the Academy still hopes to hear from Dylan before the official ceremony on 12/10, but the ball is in his court. King Carl XVI Gustaf will be there and everything! Please, Bob? For King Carl XVI Gustaf?

UPDATE: According to Reuters the Academy has distanced itself from Wästberg’s comments in order to appear less thirsty. Permanent Secretary Sara Danius released the following statement, clarifying that it’s totally cool if Dylan doesn’t wanna party with them:

“The author awarded the Noble Prize makes up his or her own mind regarding the ceremonies involved in the presentation of the prize. The Swedish Academy has never held a view on a prize winners decision in this context, neither will it now, regardless of the decision reached.”

UPDATE 2: Nobel Foundation spokesperson Jonna Petterson clarifies that Dylan will be listed as the honoree whether he likes it or not, but if he wants the $900k prize money he has to give a lecture (or concert) for them by 6/10/17 like everyone else.

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