The Chainsmokers Wanna Work With Bon Iver

In between bragging about their dicks and shitting on Lady Gaga, the Chainsmokers hope to somehow find the time to work with Bon Iver. When asked about how they choose their collaborators, Andrew Taggart told NME, “The size of the artist isn’t really important to us. We look for, first of all, a unique voice, but also a unique attitude, and a unique personality. We like to see someone that’s really carving their own lane that really only, like, fucks with the dope shit. You know what I mean?”

So, who’s someone that really only like fucks with the dope shit? Bon Iver, of course, who Taggart says is their first choice. “I just wanna hang out with them,” he explains. “I don’t wanna do anything that we’re doing, I wanna just…Literally if we could just sit in a room with him and just talk to him about music, I just feel you know when you just listen to someone and you’re like, ‘I get you’. That’s how I feel about him. I have no idea what he’s like, but I’ve been listening to him since the Blood Bank EP. And the first time I ever heard Blood Bank I was just in love with it, and then I heard For Emma, and then I heard the self-titled, and now I’m just so deep in the ride.”

The big question here is — is Taggart the only person in the world who was introduced to Bon Iver through the Blood Bank EP?