Watch Nai Harvest Piss Off Security At Their Final Show

Fuzzed-out Sheffield alt-poppers and Band To Watch alums Nai Harvest announced that they were breaking up back in July. But they just played their final concert at London nightclub Kamio last night, and they went out with a bang. Security tried to shut the show down after a mere two songs due to all the stagediving and crowdsurfing, which was banned at the venue, but Nai Harvest fought for their right to party, with frontman Ben Thompson successfully telling off the bouncers:

This is our last fucking show. I’m literally not going to play another note until you stand to each side of the stage and fucking stay there. And if someone’s crying, then you be the fucking hero and help them. But until then, they don’t need help — look at these fucking punk kids! They’re all punk as fuck! They’re fucking hard as fuck, they’re fine! Dock it off our fucking paycheck, I don’t care, just move out of the way.

Watch footage from the show, including Thompson’s stirringly inspirational speech, below.

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