Watch Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Stump For Gary Johnson And Impersonate Bernie Sanders

The 2016 election is right around the corner, and many celebrities are giving one final push for the candidate of their choice. Mostly, that means stuff like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry campaigning for Hillary in college dorms. But, as Billboard points out, it also means former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic making the rounds to support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, appearing on outlets like FOX News and the Portland Press Herald to stump for Johnson and advocate for an election process called “ranked-choice voting,” in which voters would rank multiple candidates in order of personal preference.

“I’m excited because I think they’re gonna win,” Novoselic says of Johnson and running mate William Weld. “My supporting them is not some kind of third-party protest vote or some kind of stunt or anything. These are viable candidates, they’re experienced lawmakers, they have executive experience, and I think that if voters get a good look at them, they’ll say, ‘Hey, these are a couple grown-ups, and I’m comfortable giving them my vote.'” And he put his money where his mouth is, donating the maximum contribution possible towards the former New Mexico governor’s campaign.

Novoselic also recently impersonated Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson on Rolling Stone’s Periscope feed. (He says he needs to work on his Hillary.) His Bernie Sanders impersonation: “These corporations…These corporations…No more corporations! No more Starbucks! No more pumpkin spice lattes! We are gonna drink Sanka, because that’s what I drink!” Watch that here, and watch him stump for Johnson below.