Soft Hair – “Relaxed Lizard”

Soft Hair is a duo comprising psych-pop sculptor Connan Mockasin and Sam Eastgate, the former frontman of the UK band Late Of The Pier who currently records as LA Priest. They’re set to drop their self-titled debut at the end of the week. We’ve already heard the woozy, warped “In Love” and “Lying Has To Stop,” and today they follow up with the glitchy psychedelia of “Relaxed Lizard.” It’s a piece of blippy, bubbly smoothness with intricate drums breaking up bouncy digital synths and key noodling. The balance of the duo’s high and low vocals anchors the quirky aesthetic to set off some beautiful weirdness. Check it out.

Now that we’ve talked about the music, can we discuss that epic artwork? That androgynous flip on the Adam and Eve/Britney Spears imagery against the ’80s prom background is just fabulous. That’s some iconic shit right there.

Soft Hair is out 10/28 on Weird World.

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