Prince’s Paisley Park Now Officially A Museum

We learned this summer that Paisley Park, Prince’s Minnesota compound, was about open up for tours. But the local government in Chanhassen, the city where Paisley Park is located, wasn’t initially ready to declare the space a museum. And if the city hadn’t given it the go-ahead, Paisley Park wouldn’t be able to open for tours. Finally, though, the Chanhassen City Council has agreed to rezone Paisley Park so that it can operate permanently as a museum, as the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

According to the newspaper, City Council members were worried about things like pedestrian safety, traffic, and parking, and they’ve prohibited fans from leaving mementos on Paisley Park’s fence. But it’s all official now, and Paisley Park is selling tickets for tours on its website. The museum is expected to bring in 600,000 visitors every year.