Watch Lady Gaga Do Carpool Karaoke, Take Over James Corden’s Monologue

You had to know this was coming. Anytime a legacy pop star has a new album coming out, that legacy pop star gets to sit in an SUV next to James Corden and mug her way through a greatest-hits singalong. And Lady Gaga (who totally counts as a legacy pop star now) is a total musical-theater kid, just like Corden. So of course Gaga, who just released Joanne, is the latest pop star to do Carpool Karaoke with Corden, pulling the ultimate thirst move of putting her new single “Perfect Illusion” first in the singalong. We should, however, credit her with having the good sense to stay away from “Applause.” (Corden also let her drive the car even though she’s only just gotten her license.) And besides the Carpool Karaoke, Gaga also hijacked Corden’s monologue and asked fellow guest Matt LeBlanc whether Joey the eternal Rachel-or-Monica question. Watch all that below.

Joanne is out now on Interscope/Streamline.