Watch Mitski Play “Your Best American Girl” With Jon Batiste On Colbert

Mitksi is one of our great DIY artists. On her Puberty 2, maybe the best indie rock album that anyone has released this year, she and producer Patrick Hyland played every single instrument. So it’s weirdly thrilling to her Mitski performing with a polished, expert band behind her. On last night’s episode of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Mitski spent the entire show sitting in with Jon Batiste And Stay Human, Colbert’s house band. They played bits of Puberty 2 songs throughout the show (and got a “going through puberty too” joke from Colbert). And as an online bonus, they also blasted their way through “Your Best American Girl,” one of 2016’s best songs, with Batiste’s band adding heft and melodic flourishes that sounded pretty great in context. For her part, Mitski was a composed, powerful presence. Mitski has tweeted that she felt anxious about doing the performance. You couldn’t tell. Watch it below.

Puberty 2 is out now on Dead Oceans.