Watch Ezra Koenig Talk Shit About Viral Videos On Desus & Mero

Vice’s new Viceland TV network is getting in on the late-night talk show game, and they’ve brought in a couple of heavyweights: Desus Nice and the Kid Mero, two Bronx natives who host a wildly funny and offensive weekly podcast. On their new Viceland show, the two of them sit down four times a week to affably talk shit about whatever’s been on the internet that day. And last night, they had a big guest: Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig, an old friend of Mero who hasn’t done too much publicly since his bandmate Rostam Batmanglij left Vampire Weekend and since Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race. As a guest on Desus & Mero, Koenig wasn’t there to talk about the future of his band or anything else musical. He was there to help talk shit about a video of Trick Daddy saying some terrible shit about women, or about a video of an aborted clown-attack prank. Watch the video below.

I hope I get a lot more music-related excuses to post more Desus & Mero videos on this site. Those two guys are deeply, deeply funny.