Clams Casino – “Time”

After two 18-year-old clubgoers at Fabric, the long-running London dance club, suffered fatal overdoses, London authorities have essentially decided to shut the club down. The Islington Council voted to revoke its license, which means the end of the club. But Fabric has always been a vital venue within London club culture, and many thousands of people have signed petitions and donated money in an effort to keep it open. The new 111-track #savefabric benefit compilation will raise more money to attempt to keep Fabric open, and it’ll include tracks from people like Simian Mobile Disco, Audion, Machinedrume, Shackleton, Nathan Fake, and Clams Casino.

Clams Casino, of course, just released his excellent major-label debut 32 Levels, an album that features a wide range of big-name guests. But “Time,” his track for the #savefabric comp, is more of a return to Clams’ roots, a moody and foggy instrumental. Perhaps in homage to Fabric, it’s more of an uptempo thumper than most Clams tracks; you could almost imagine it working on a dancefloor. But the track’s elemental drift is still its greatest strength. Listen to it below.

The #savefabric comp is out 11/4, and you can pre-order it here.