You Blew It! – “Greenwood”

Last month, You Blew It! announced their third album, Abendrot, and we interviewed singer-guitarist Tanner Jones about the Orlando band’s third LP, which is pointedly darker and more mellowed-out than their previous two. “Greenwood” is a sparkling slow-burn, one that sounds haunted by ghosts. Tanner explained the impetus of the track to Spin, and it turns out that’s sorta the case:

As with most other songs on this record, this one was written during a particularly confusing and difficult time. I picked up unhealthy habits that I hadn’t yet figured out were a reaction to—and symptoms of—a bigger issue, and I would wander Orlando on my bike to calm myself. During one ride, I wandered into the city’s historic Greenwood Cemetery. As I searched for the grave of one of the city’s founders, this song materialized as a contemplation of death. I like to imagine that it doubles as a love song to the city, too. I still haven’t found that grave.

Listen below.

Abendrot is out 11/11 on Triple Crown Records. Pre-order it here.

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