Destiny’s Child Launch Instagram To Much Speculation

Destiny’s Child are probably the greatest, most iconic, and most important R&B group of the last 20 years. And even though they broke up in 2006, they’ve reunited a few times since then, and they all seem to be on good terms with one another. So when Destiny’s Child launched a new Instagram account a few days ago, people got excited. Could there be another Destiny’s Child reunion on the way? Would a full reunion even make sense for the three of them right now?

Well, not so fast. The group’s Instagram is being run by Legacy Recordings, the Sony imprint that mainly focuses on anthologies, box sets, and other reissues. And if there was a reunion on the way, the Instagram would probably be doing something more artful than just posting old press pics. If the existence of this Instagram is meant to tease anything, it’s probably a new Destiny’s Child reissue campaign. Which could also be great! But Beyoncé is still playing stadiums, and she doesn’t need to get back together with her old group unless she feels like it. It would be cool if she felt like it, though.