Girl Ray – “Trouble” Video

Psych-pop quartet Girl Ray make irresistibly feel-good songs with a biting undercurrent. They only have two songs under their belt, and “Trouble” is their first physical single, but they display great potential when it comes to communicating moods. They’ve given “Trouble” a playful visual treatment that fits the feel of the song well. A League Of Their Own/Sandlot-style story unfolds as the rich guitar and bass textures and beautiful harmonies swell underneath. Here’s what frontwoman Poppy Hankin had to say about the clip:

We wanted the “Trouble” video to be centred around a big game of rounders and getting ready for it in the morning. We each came up with 12 different random-ish things that we would be filmed doing, and then the morning after filming those we went to a park and tried our best to do some kind of baseball/rounders hybrid game. We’re very confused about sport in general and that definitely shone through.


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