From The Onion (it’s their job to be offensive):

Delta Blues Poised For Biggest Revival Since 1915
NEW ORLEANS?Blues historians report that Delta blues, an early blues form that arose in the Mississippi Delta region, is poised for its biggest revival since 1915. “Death, loss, heartbreak, isolation, hard luck?that’s what the blues have been missing for decades,” said music critic Joel Kushner. “But now, even the most sheltered, derivative Delta blues musician should have enough material to cut an album.” The revival is heralded by the recent singles “FEMA Don’t Come ‘Round No More,” “Category Five Woman Done Me Six Kinds Of Wrong,” and “Talkin’ Drownded Kin Blues.”

Too soon? Then here’s something we can all get behind: Dave Matthews Not That Into Himself Anymore (“Rock music with a violin? I don’t know. Seemed cool once.”)