Watch Bruce Springsteen’s Annual Telling Of Bad Dirty Jokes For Charity

Every year for the last decade, big daddy Bruce Springsteen plays a few acoustic tracks and tells some bad dirty jokes at Stand Up For Heroes, an annual show put on by the New York Comedy Festival and the Bob Woodruff Foundation to raise money for injured veterans. Last night, he did it again for the event, which took place at Madison Square Garden and featured Jon Stewart, Louis CK, and more comedians on the lineup. This year, he played “Working On The Highway,” “I’ll Work For Your Love,” “Long Walk Home,” and “Dancing In The Dark,” and told a joke in between each song, making for three in total. Here’s one of them, via Rolling Stone:

So there’s this 80-year-old couple. They’re in an alley up against the fence and they’re screwing like crazy. I mean, arms are flying, legs are flying, and they’re screwing and screwing and screwing. They just fall down from exhaustion and the wife says, ‘You didn’t screw me like that 50 years ago!’ The man says, ’50 years ago that fence wasn’t electrified.’

Watch the rest in the video below — the above joke comes in at 3m10s, joke #2 is at 8m30s, and joke #3 is at 13m00s. That last one contains some hand job pantomiming! Oh, Bruce.