Lily Allen Calls Out Offensive X Factor Rapper, Acknowledges Her Own Cultural Appropriation

Right now, the British version of the singing competition The X Factor is dealing with the blight of Honey G, a joke-rap contestant who’s apparently become a thing in the UK. If you really want to expose yourself to this godawful bullshit, see how far you can make it into the video below:

One person who has feelings about this whole situation is the British pop star Lily Allen, who rightly points out that this kind of joke-rap appropriation is not cool. As The Guardian reports, Allen discussed Honey G in a recent appearance on the BBC Radio 1 show The Exchange. And in talking about Honey G, she also acknowledged that her own 2013 video for “Hard Out Here” had many of the same problems: “I definitely wanted to make a feminist statement, but I was guilty of assuming that there was a one-size-fits-all where feminism is concerned.” Here’s the video of her talking about it:

I thought that “Hard Out Here” video was bad, but it had absolutely nothing on Honey G.