A New BBC Documentary Will Chronicle David Bowie’s Final Years

David Bowie spent much of his final time on this planet recording Blackstar, a powerful and challenging farewell album, and he died just days after releasing it. This will always be an amazing story, and a new BBC documentary will look into the final years that Bowie spent with us, telling the story of his last artistic statements.

Pitchfork reports that the BBC will air David Bowie: The Last Five Years in January. The doc will include unreleased Bowie interviews, as well as interviews with his friends and collaborators, and it’ll look at the work that went into Blackstar, the 2013 album The Next Day, and the stage musical Lazarus. It’ll also feature Bowie’s original vocal for “Lazarus,” which, as longtime producer Tony Visconti says, Bowie would have to summon and channel all his energy to sing.

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