From Fishbowl LA:

I’m on assignment for a national indie music magazine (no, not Pitchfork) to review the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show at the Troubadour on 10/5. All of my friends already landed their own tickets, so I thought I could use my +1 to meet someone new.

You: Eastsider, knows the band already, appears semi-regularly on Cobrasnake.com, okay with being ignored while I take notes for the review.

Me: pretty much what you’d expect.

Reply by Oct. 1st. Pics are, of course, a must. No fatties.

I had to read this twice to make sure he they didn’t actually identify any genders. Hotties of all sexes who don’t mind being ignored, fire away!

As far as the “pretty much what you’d expect” part goes, I can only think of this description from a thesis about ILM and “rockism”:

  • 24-35.
  • Has had sex with around five people.
  • Drinks, maybe smokes socially, inc. pot; no harder drugs.
  • Works in either computers or something tangentially related to the entertainment industry.
  • Out of shape.
  • In debt/still paying student loans.
  • Attended at least one Lollapalooza.
  • Has worn an ironic t-shirt at some point in his or her life, AND then later decried ironic t-shirts.
  • Grew up in a suburb of a major city.

(Updated post excerpt per baggy’s suggestion. How, indeed, could I leave out the fatties?)