Watch Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart’s Live Musical Number About Voting

Voting day is finally here, which means this deep, dark hell of an election season is just about over. And last night, to pound that last little bit of world-historical importance home, Stephen Colbert turned his Late Show into a live show last night, and he and his old Daily Show boss Jon Stewart staged a musical about how we all need to go vote. The 11-minute production starred Javier Muñoz, who recently took over for Lin-Manuel Miranda in the title role of Hamilton. And it featured one very talented little girl and one genuinely funny extended spit-take bit. Watch the whole thing below.

At this point, telling everyone to vote seems entirely unnecessary; you presumably already know how important it is. But I just did it this morning, and it was easy as hell, so duck out during your lunch break or whatever if you have to. Just do it.