Sälen – “Copper Kiss” Video

UK-based synthpop trio Sälen only have a handful of singles under their belt, but they already display a knack for earworm pop craft with a cutting, angsty undercurrent. “Copper Kiss,” for instance, is irresistibly catchy, with bubbly percussion and well-balanced high and low synth layers giving way to a bright hook with great incongruous tension between the aesthetic and lyrics. Ellie Kamio’s lovelorn barbs piece with a sharp subtlety: “You’re so gross you make me sick/ I’ll lose your taste with my spit/ When you crack your bones I hope they snap in half/ I will never call for help.”

Today the song receives a simple, slick visual accompaniment that takes on the understated bite of the song. Band members Paul Taylor Wade and Simon Milner play video games while Kamio lies on the bed delivering her luring, venomous lines bathed in fluorescent lighting and casually handling a snake. The visuals fit the mood of the song perfectly. Here’s what the trio had to say about the clip:

We really wanted live animals in the video but we weren’t allowed because of costs. So after acting like toddlers and throwing our toys out the pram, we got bare snakes. They were pretty well behaved, except the black one which kept slithering off the bed when it thought no one was looking. A huge thank you to Can Evign and everyone else involved. Especially Trevor the snake handler.

Check it out below.

Not sure when to expect a full-length project from Sälen, but you can expect it to be good.

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