Mica Levi – “Children”

Michachu And The Shapes’ Mica Levi was responsible for one of the best scores in recent memory for Under The Skin, and she’s composed the music for the upcoming Natalie Portman-starring biopic Jackie. The movie comes out on 12/2, and Levi’s soundtrack for it will be released on the same day. Below, listen to a selection from it called “Children” and see the tracklist (plus, watch the trailer if you haven’t already — it looks great!).

01 “Intro”
02 “Children”
03 “Car”
04 “Tears”
05 “Autopsy”
06 “Empty White House”
07 “Graveyard”
08 “Lee Harvey Oswald”
09 “Walk To The Capitol”
10 “Vanity”
11 “Decision Made”
12 “Burial”
13 “The End”
14 “Credits”

The Jackie soundtrack is out 12/2 via Milan Records.

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