Watch Morgane & Chris Stapleton Sing “You Are My Sunshine” On The Tonight Show

Morgane and Chris Stapleton are a very serious country-music power couple. Chris is the more-famous one; he’s one of the biggest stars in Nashville right now, and his gruff outlaw-country traditionalism is changing the sorts of music that we’re hearing from Music Row. But his wife Morgane is every bit the songwriter he is, and her soaring vocals are a huge part of what makes his music powerful. Eventually, she’s going to release an album of her own, and it is going to push your fucking wig back. Earlier this year, Morgane contributed a version of the American standard “You Are My Sunshine” to Southern Family, a compilation from the country super-producer Dave Cobb. Chris sang backup on it. And last night, the two teamed up to perform the song on The Tonight Show. Chris again sang backup and played a blazing guitar solo. But the real spotlight was on Morgane, who sang the everloving shit out of the song. It’s a stirring, intense performance, and you can watch it below.

Southern Family is out now on Low Country Sound/Elektra.