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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Fuck this fucking week. Fuck the fuck out of this fucking week. Here are some fucking music videos.

5. Methyl Ethel – “No. 28″ (Dir. Olivier Groulx)

Videos about fresh-faced young people doing joyously twee dance routines are inherently wack. But if you add blank-eyed ghouls to the equation, things get considerably more interesting.

4. Weyes Blood – “Used To Be” (Dir. Laura-Lynn Patrick)

Dilapidated dinosaur-themed roadside attractions are some of the greatest places in the world. They represent apocalypse, and the merciless march of time, representing both the distant and recent past. Also, kids continue to like them, no matter how shitty the dinosaurs like. This video makes nice use of one of them.

3. Cloud Nothings – “Modern Act” (Dir. Michael J.S. Murphy)

Suddenly, envisioning your own death seems like a pretty nice way to relax. Cloud Nothings just beat the rest of us to it.

2. Mura Ma$a – “Love$ick” (Feat. A$AP Rocky) (Dir. Yoni Lappin)

This isn’t really a surprise, but Attack The Block would’ve still been a good movie without the aliens. A crew of adorable British urchins tear-assing around a housing project is really all you need.

1. Schoolboy Q – “Dope Dealer” (Feat. E-40) (Dir. Ryan Staake)

Schoolboy Q’s videos this year have all been pure madness. This one stands out for advancing the fascinating idea that weed has a more interesting life than most of the people who smoke it.