Michael Stipe Says He Wants To Return To Music

With the 25th anniversary deluxe reissue of R.E.M.’s Out Of Time due out later this week, Michael Stipe has been giving a few interviews, first with Alec Baldwin and now with The New York Times. In the latter, while talking about his flurry activity recently that included his live tributes to David Bowie, he mentions: “I’m not ready to go completely into pop stardom again, as a 56-year-old, [but] I want to work in music again.” So that’s a little unclear, but he’s already taking steps in that direction: He recently announced that he’ll be producing the new Fischerspooner album, which is called SIR, and mentions that he used to push R.E.M. to explore electronic and dance music, but that he realized “it’s not really who we were.”

In the same interview, Stipe also mentions that Adventures In Hi-Fi is his favorite R.E.M. album, and that he does a mean karaoke version of “Justify My Love.”

Read the full interview here.