Preview Parquet Courts & Bun B’s Collaborative 12″

The members of the great New York postpunk band Parquet Courts have deep roots in Texas, and they’re all vocal fans of Texas rap. This past summer, they appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert to perform a new version of “Captive Of The Sun,” a song from their very good album Human Performance, with Port Arthur rap legend Bun B, one half of UGK. It turned out way better than anyone could’ve possibly expected. And next year, we’ll finally get a release of that version of “Captive Of The Sun.” Parquet Courts are releasing it as a 12″ single, and they’re including a Chopped Not Slopped remix from screwed-up Texas rap DJs OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick. Below, you can hear a minute-long preview of that remix.

The new “Captive Of The Sun” 12″ is out 2/17/17 on Rough Trade.