Set And Setting – “Saudade”

Set And Setting play lush post-rock with an acerbic metal edge, and for those who have always found the growls, howls, and yells of metal a barrier to entry, you’re in luck — Set And Setting are exclusively instrumental. “Saudade,” here, is a melancholic beauty suspended in the clouds with a birds-eye-view of epic terrain passing by below. But it’s not all just buoyant and timeless energy; there are passages of jarring skittish prog turmoil that pull things down to a gritty earthbound level. The Florida five-piece employs a double-drummer arrangement that provides extra pummeling on the low-end, and it’s the kind of thing you can imagine just booming in a live setting. On record, it can add a militaristic edge at any volume. What will really stick, though, are those soul-searing leads and shimmering, bending guitars that convey feelings of wonder and introspection. Listen.

“Saudade” is from Set And Setting’s forthcoming album Reflectionless, out 1/27. The album is available to preorder, with vinyl forthcoming on Science Of Silence and Dunk!. The cover art, inspired by Pink Floyd and seen here for the first time, is by Samantha Muljat.