Animal Collective – “Mountain Game”

Here’s something funny: In 2010, Animal Collective were just coming off of Merriweather Post Pavilion. They were at their commercial peak, and arguably their artistic peak, too. In that era, the band recorded a song for the video game Red Dead Redemption. And the makers of the game didn’t use the song. Instead, we are only now getting to hear it. Today, the group shared “Mountain Game” on YouTube, writing, “Here’s an unreleased track we recorded in 2010 for Red Dead Redemption, but it never got used. Enjoy.” It bears all the hallmarks of that era of the group, with its hazy harmonies and bass-heavy production and disorienting collisions of sound. It’s strange and soothing at the same time. And it would’ve sounded great if it was playing in the background while you were riding off into a video-game sunset. Check it out below.

Man, remember when Animal Collective sounded like this?