The 60-Year-Old (non) Virgins

Today on Slate, Judd Apatow writes about an ill-fated project involving himself, Ben Stiller, and The Rolling Stones from several years back.

With the Rolling Stones touring I am reminded of the time Ben Stiller and I were hired by Mick Jagger to write a film for the Rolling Stones when they released the album Voodoo Lounge in the mid-90s. Mick Jagger wanted to make a concert film that had some sort of funny story line that played out between songs. Next thing you know, Ben and I are on phone calls with Mick Jagger almost every day. He was very nice and would complain about how tired he was from his workouts and the dancing he was doing to prepare for the tour. I taped every single conversation surreptitiously, and for a while I set my computer so that every time I made a mistake, Mick Jagger’s voice would say, “I am so tired” or, “That’s funny.” I know it’s awful that I did that. But, come on, this was once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

Mick Jagger alert sounds are not available on SanDisk’s new gr?vi, a flash memory card sold with pre-loaded protected content. A Bigger Bang is the first album to appear in this format. I guess SanDisk is consciously not marketing this device to young people.