Matthew Squires – “Shape Of Your Heart”

In his newest psych-pop single “Shape Of Your Heart,” Matthew Squires takes on some iconic roles: “I am the Antichrist/ I am Mother Teresa, too/ I am the Antichrist/ I am everything to you.” Squires’ tone is confident and muffled, accompanied with abrupt guitar lines and a ’90s sensibility. He takes a detour mid-song, slowing things down with a melancholic outlook — “I promise I’ll never abandon you/ Even if you say you want me to” — and then returns to the opening melody upright and ready to start all over again. “Shape Of Your Heart” is full of unsuspecting jagged lines and peculiar turns. The track is on the Austin-based singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album Tambaleo, which will be out in late January. Check it out.

Tambaleo is out 1/20 on Already Dead Tapes. Check out Squires’ previous release Where The Music Goes To Die here.