Vince Neil Isn’t Playing Trump’s Inauguration After All

Just kidding! Vince Neil isn’t performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration after all. After Billboard initially reported the news earlier today, the Motley Crue frontman spoke to TMZ, clarifying that he had been uninvited in the wake of Trump’s victory. But he doesn’t seem all that clear on who actually invited him to play in the first place:

Well, here’s the thing. I was asked to do the inauguration like two months ago, no matter who won. We had no idea, obviously, who was gonna win. And we said absolutely, I wanted to play the inauguration. We gave all of our passports, the band and the crew, to the Secret Service, and they went through everything. And so as far as I knew from that, we were playing. But we were invited, then it turns out that when the Republicans won, we were uninvited…I didn’t know about the Democratic part of asking us to play, I just assumed it doesn’t matter who won, it’s still a big party, right? But I guess there’s more politics involved in bands playing than I really thought there was…I mean, I just found about this today when all this stuff came out that we were playing. I asked my guys and they said, “Well, no, once Trump won…you know, it’s all politics.” I don’t know who’s playing Trump’s party, but god bless ‘em.”

Which just raises a whole bunch of other questions. Like, first off — Hillary could’ve had anyone play at her inauguration and she chose Vince Neil? And booked him months in advance? Seems unlikely. Maybe someone was pranking Vince Neil? Maybe he just dreamt about it and got confused? Anyway, whatever the case may be, you can watch Vince’s thoroughly unenlightening response below.