Soundtrack To Black Mirror‘s Great ’80s Episode Getting Official Release

Soundtrack To Black Mirror‘s Great ’80s Episode Getting Official Release

Netflix recently hit the world with a new season of the British sci-fi headfuck anthology show Black Mirror, and its best episode is the only one that will not make you feel like we our watching our planet descend into some new cultural hell. The episode “San Junipero” is a deeply moving romantic fantasy that takes place in some version of a California party town in 1987. And its soundtrack is a total nonstop parade of amazing ’80s hits, all of which must’ve cost a fortune to license.

Speaking about the episode, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker says, “There’s huge nostalgia for me. All the music I said I hated, I secretly loved all of it; T’Pau and all of that. It was a great way for me to indulge in all those guilty pleasures, to go back and revisit all of that music people claimed to hate in 1987.” But the episode also has a glimmering score from composer Clint Mansell, and that score is about to get a commercial release, as NME reports. Check below for the tracklist.

01 “San Junipero (80s-90s-00s-??s)”
02 “Faith, Hope, Fear & Falling In Love”
03 “Tick Tock (Clock Of My Heart)”
04 “Night Drive”
05 “Property Of Tucker Systems”
06 “In Sickness, In Health”
07 “Life Eternal”
08 “Waves Crashing On Distant Shores Of Time”
09 “Endless Summer”
10 “San Junipero (Saturday Night In the City Of The Dead)”

The soundtrack is out 12/2 on Lakeshore Records. And while it sucks a bit that this is the score, and not a collection of songs from the episode, take consolation in knowing that Brooker has turned all of those songs in to a Spotify playlist, which you can hear below.

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