Jenn Grant – “Galaxies”

Jenn Grant – “Galaxies”

Canadian songwriter Jenn Grant will soon release her sixth LP, Paradise, the product of a whole year spent in the home studio with producer/husband Daniel Ledwell. Batting second on Paradise is “Galaxies,” the worthy first single from the record. Grant puts cosmic metaphors over an almost-piano ballad, creating something that’s both a bit familiar and a little otherworldly. Light harmonies bounce off the held piano chords in a way that reminds the listener of space (both the musical kind and the outer kind). Here’s what Grant had to say about Paradise:

I also thought about my singing much more. I feel like I am a completely different artist from when I began performing. I don’t feel like I really heard my own voice until recently. The delivery of songs has become so important to me. And for some of these new songs, I decided to approach singing more like a whisper, to try and get a feel for it’s softness. I wanted to feel the power in that.

Listen below.


01 “Paradise”
02 “Galaxies”
03 “In My Dreams”
04 “Lion With Me”
05 “I’m a River”
06 “Hero”
07 “Dogfight”
08 “Rocket”
09 “Sorry Doesn’t Know”
10 “Working Girl”
11 “Legacy”

Paradise is out 3/3 on Ba Da Bing Records. Pre-order it here.

Jenn Grant
CREDIT: Daniel Ledwell

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