Finley Quaye Fined For Headbutting Dying Friend Who Wanted To Watch Game Of Thrones

Hey, remember the Scottish reggae-pop singer Finley Quaye, who had a couple of hits in the ’90s and who apparently once lied about being Tricky’s uncle? No? You don’t? It doesn’t matter. Some stories are too weird to pass up. One of those stories is a story about a Scottish ’90s reggae-pop singer who’s been arrested for assaulting a friend, who happens to be a cancer patient, because the friend wanted to watch Game Of Thrones instead of paying attention to him.

The Daily Mirror reports that Quaye has been put on 12 months of probation and ordered to do 250 hours of community service after attacking his friend Julian Ashley at Ashley’s home in London. He’s also been fined £705.

Quaye reportedly visited Ashley at home while Ashley was watching Game Of Thrones and then got upset because Ashley was paying attention to the TV and not to him. When Quaye lost his temper, Ashley tried to escort him out, when Quaye suddenly headbutted Ashley. According to a prosecutor, the headbutt caused “a split to [Ashley’s] nose and extensive bruising.”

Ashley is suffering from terminal cancer and needs a scooter to get around.

Quaye’s most famous album was 1997s Maverick A Strike. But this is not the kind of maverick striking that anyone needs.