Watch Dave Grohl In Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton Drunk History

It was a Lin-Manuel Miranda/Hamilton takeover on the latest episode of Comedy Central’s Drunk History. The actor/playwright got hammered and recounted the life and times of founding father Alexander Hamilton and his lifelong rivalry with Aaron Burr along with plenty of help from other celebrities and musicians. Dave Grohl made his second appearance on the show with a funny cameo as a gossiping founding father, Questlove interrupts at one point, and Alia Shawkat, Aubrey Plaza, Tony Hale, and David Wain all made appearances. Watch a short clip of one of Grohl’s funnier lines below along with clips of Miranda explaining how Hamilton’s infidelities made it into the paper and his tutelage under George Washington. If you have a cable subscription (or know how to get your hands on a username and password) you can watch the entire episode here.

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