Joe Goddard – “Lose Your Love” Video

Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and the 2 Bears has, seemingly out of nowhere, dropped the one-off “Lose Your Love” along with a set of visuals. The last we heard from him was a remix of Neneh Cherry’s “Out Of The Black” featuring Robyn a couple years back. Not only is the timing of this one weird, but the song and clip are pretty unconventional as well. The Emotions-sampling track wanders formless through a bevy of synths that sound like they could have come out of either 8-bit video games or an ’80s dance song. The Fred Rowson-directed clip features a guru of sorts teaching people a combination of yoga and something called “Color Spectrum Theory” that has nothing to do with Sir Isaac Newton or light. It’s deeply odd, but also delightful. Check it out below.

The self-released single is out now here.