Shakira Honored With Poop Figurine

Don’t say Shakira didn’t give you shit for Christmas this year.

The Latina pop star was honored in Barcelona, where she lives with her family, with a Christmas “caganer.” It’s a figurine of Shakira with her skirt pulled down, clutching a microphone while taking a shit — complete with a pile of poop.

It seems to make the statement that Shakira’s singing is literally shit, but it’s actually quite the honor as part of a Catalan holiday tradition that goes way back. The caganers, euphemistically translated as “poopers,” are found handling their business in nativity scenes all over the city. More traditional caganers depict the average Catalan man in peasant garb, hidden somewhere behind baby Jesus and the other prominent figures within the scene. The figurines symbolize fertilizing the earth for fruitful harvest and good fortune throughout next year.

Recently they’ve been adapted as part of celebrity culture and caganers of actors, athletes, musicians, or anyone who has been making headlines that particular year. Apparently Donald Trump has a caganer this year as well. Shakira joins Prince, Michael Jackson, Bono, Elton John, and Madonna among music artists who have been honored with figurines available on Shakira’s figurine will run you €16, which is about $17.

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