Afrika Bambaataa – “Planet Rock (Kaytranada Planet Invasion Remix)”

With his amazing debut 99.9%, the Haitian-born, Montreal-based Kaytranada made one of our favorite albums of 2016. But Kaytranada started out as a remix specialist, and he’s still doing plenty of great work in that arena. Recently, Kaytranada took on Solange’s “Cranes In The Sky.” And now, he’s put his stamp on “Planet Rock,” the classic and vastly important 1982 single from Afrika Bambaataa, the pioneering Bronx DJ and producer who’s recently been in the news for child-abuse allegations that he denies. All that baggage now makes it hard to hear “Planet Rock” with fresh ears, but Kaytranada has certainly put his stamp on the track, bringing his own organic house aesthetic to it. The Kaytranada remix will appear on the soundtrack to the new drum-machine documentary 808, and it recently debuted on Apple Music. You can hear it below.

808 will be available to stream on Apple Music 12/9.