Beyoncé Submitted “Daddy Lessons” For Country Grammys But Academy Committee Rejected It

Beyoncé just became the Grammys’ first artist to be nominated in four genres in the same year — pop, rap, rock, and R&B — but she could’ve been the first artist to be nominated in five genres in the same year.

The AP reports that Beyoncé submitted Lemonade’s twangy “Daddy Lessons,” which she performed with the Dixie Chicks at this year’s Country Music Association Awards (to the consternation of many country fans), in the country music category. If it had been accepted, “Daddy Lessons” would’ve been eligible for Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance, but “a person familiar with the Grammy nomination process” tells the AP that the country music committee rejected the song.

Beyoncé’s not exactly hurting for Grammy nominations, so it’s hard to get too worked up over this, but still, it kinda seems like some tactfully racist genre-policing.

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