Journalism – “It Just Hits You” & “The Current”

Journalism – “It Just Hits You” & “The Current”

I agree with Washington Post editor Marty Baron (Liev Schrieber’s character in Spotlight) that one thing we need desperately at this point in American history is great journalism. And although a Brooklyn rock band called Journalism is not exactly what Baron has in mind, they’re pretty cool too. The group released their album Faces earlier this year, and today they’re back with a pair of new songs that artfully demonstrate their skill set. “It Just Hits You” and “The Current” are vibrantly chiming guitar songs that paint bright melodies on a hard-charging alt-rock canvas. In the very best way, they feel like a relic from a different time. Listen below.

Here’s Journalism’s Kegan Zema with more info:

It means a lot for us to be putting these tracks out right at the end of a year that has been filled with impassioned highs and depressing lows. “It Just Hits You” was a cathartic exploration of my relationship to substance use, as both an artist and a person. On “The Current,” a wider lens is used to capture the image of being slowly dragged under by life’s subtle changes, even as the present continually challenges us. Most importantly, this release marks the next step forward for us as friends and musicians, and we are so grateful to have opportunity to do what we do.

By the way, that cover art above is by Joe Gallaraga of Big Ups.

CREDIT: Jeanette D. Moses

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