CARE – “You Hallucinate”

“You Hallucinate,” the lead single from CARE’s forthcoming new album, LUV IN THE RUINS, is five or six songs mangled into one, an 8-minute opus of warped and damaged pop. It documents the emotional wreckage at the end of a relationship, the one-sided, internalized paranoia that comes with not being able to reach out to the person who you once gave yourself over to. “No, I don’t hate you, and I will never hate you,” Justin Majetich sings at one point in bloody resignation. “But I just wanna hate you/ I just wanna hurt.” The song sees Majetich run the gamut of emotions, from embittered disconnection (“I see you’ve been tweeting every step of your collapse, but haven’t texted me back”) to pathetic attempts at reconciliation (“Desperately I wish I could convince myself you care/ But your composure says you’re gonna kill me, baby”). “You Hallucinate”‘s sharp, shattered twists and turns reflect Majetich’s anguish, but that pain makes for some powerful music.

LUV IN THE RUINS will be released in two installments, one next week and the next on 1/6, and it’s accompanied by a 52-page companion book with photography by Chris Cox and design by Ross Berens, a release rollout that’s as ambitious as this song. Listen via GoldFlakePaint below.

01 “Switzerland”
02 “Moonlight”
03 “You Hallucinate”
04 “Solitude”
05 “Netcong”
06 “Amethyst”
07 “Jade”
08 “What I Am Feeling”
09 “Unfamiliar Ceiling”
10 “Icon”
11 “Insomnia”
12 “Mangled Flame”

LUV IN THE RUINS is coming out via Winspear.

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