Watch Annette Bening Learn About Black Flag In This 20th Century Women Clip

20th Century Women is a flim that centers on Dorothea Fields, played by Annette Bening, who’s a single mother in her mid-50s raising her adolescent son, Jamie, at a moment full of cultural change and revolution in 1979 in Santa Barbara. One of Fields’ defining characteristics is her unrelenting curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and Bening loves that about the character. In the clip below, one of her boarders, William (played by Billy Crudup), decides to listen to her son’s vinyl collection while he’s out of the house. William puts on Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown” and a classic generational divide leads to some subtle comedy: “What is he saying? Is that interesting?” says Dorothea. Then they go into some weird bouncing motions that are supposed to be dancing before delving into some more records. Check out the scene below.

20th Century Women is out on 12/25.