Watch Green Day Pay Tribute To Victims Of Ghost Ship Fire

Green Day were born and bred in the Bay Area, and, as CBS reports, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong paused the band’s show at Oakland’s Oracle Arena last night to discuss the tragic Ghost Ship warehouse fire that recently claimed 36 lives.

“My heart just goes out to all the people who perished in that warehouse,” he said. “Because these are people that are just here looking for themselves, just trying to have a moment where they could all celebrate being artists and being weird and having fun. We have to cherish all the freaks and the weirdos. People need a place. They didn’t go to art school. They got kicked out of their parents’ house and they have nothing, but they find something in this sort of community where they weren’t accepted before. So it’s really important that these people have an affordable place to live.”

The band then launched into “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,” dedicating their performance to the victims of the fire. Watch the full speech and performance below.