Del Paxton – “Koolwink”

Del Paxton – “Koolwink”

Next year, Del Paxton are following up their 2013 EP and 2015 split with their debut full-length, All Day, Every Day, All Night, and lead single “Koolwink” confidently demonstrates the way the Buffalo-based trio combines the smooth melodic sensibilities of mid-’90s emo with the more hook-minded approach that would come to define the genre in the subsequent decade. The song was written by guitarist/vocalist Dylan England after spending a night in a skeevy motel, and its muted chorus of “green and gold and low” reflects the drab nature of the environment that inspired it. The band projects their anxieties over a nascent relationship onto long drives and hopeful communications: “You’re such a cool wink blinking on my dark drive along in the morning,” they sing. “Pick up your phone/ Not yet…” Listen below.

01 “My Other”
02 “Wrong Distance”
03 “Koolwink”
04 “Take It To The Limit”
05 “Sixes And Sevens”
06 “Coast To Coast AM”
07 “Loose Leaf”
08 “In The Well”
09 “Thermos”
10 “Green House”
11 “Primetime”

All Day, Every Day, All Night is out 3/3 via Topshelf Records. Pre-order it here.

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