Watch Chance The Rapper Sing Frank Ocean’s “Self Control” In A Bathtub

Earlier today, Chance The Rapper shared an Apple Music playlist called “Yup” — one that, according to Chance, he put together specifically for the bath. And with that playlist, we learn that Chance, like so many of us, enjoys listening to Gucci Mane and Donny Hathaway and Bon Iver and Wyclef’s “Gone Till November” while cleaning himself. By way of promoting the playlist, as Pitchfork points out, he also posted a video of himself singing along with one of the songs on the playlist, Frank Ocean’s Blonde track “Self Control,” while in the tub. Below, you can see that video and check out the full playlist.

I am impressed that Chance is brave enough to bring his phone into the tub. I can’t even bring mine in to the bathroom; I’m just convinced it’s going to somehow fall into water and ruin me forever.