Natalie Prass – “Everybody’s Having Fun (It’s Christmas Time)” Video

Richmond, Virginia singer-singwriter Natalie Prass’ ornate self-titled album was one of last year’s best debuts; it was an absolute good-vibes machine. And while spreading good vibes isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do during a time like this one, Prass is putting in some serious work, and we should thank her for it. As Pitchfork points out, Prass recently released a new holiday-season single called “Everybody’d Having Fun (It’s Christmas Time),” a fun novelty synthpop track that still includes the sort of sweeping melody and delicately layered vocals that we’ve come to expect from her. It also comes with the implicit acknowledgement that its title is pure wishful thinking. The track goes to benefit SPARC, a Richmond performing-arts school, and Prass has written a statement about how “this holiday season is, for many of us, a confusing and frustrating one” and how it’s important to spread joy regardless. In its video, which Prass posted on Facebook, she dances around a decrepit vacant lot. It’s charming. Below, watch the video and read the statement from Prass.

Prass writes:

This holiday season is, for many of us, a confusing and frustrating one. This Christmas video is a statement on all of that. To try your hardest to be a self contained vessel of joy. To fight against what seems like a decaying wasteland of the world around you. That may seem dramatic, but I know that I’ve had to personally “force” myself into the holiday spirit this year. I’m sure many others can relate. With that being said, I’m hoping this video makes you want to dance and feel free to be who you are – no matter how alone you feel or how different you are than your family or community. There’s a place in this country for everyone. Lets keep physically moving forward together with our stylish glasses on or off. Happiest Holidays and peace to you and yours.

*** If you would like to purchase this song to be part of your Hot Holiday playlist, I will be donating ALL of the proceeds to SPARC (School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community). The song donation starts at $1.29, but if you have the means, and would like to add a little more to the amount, you can graciously do so. More details & YouTube link in the comments ***

You can buy the song at Bandcamp.