Fancey – “Baby Sunshine”

Fancey – “Baby Sunshine”

Founding New Pornographers member Todd Fancey will return early next year with his third solo album. Love Mirage is a ’70s pop throwback that actually sounds like it could have existed in the ’70s, a set of brightly shining pop songs that could actually pass for long-lost AM radio staples. One fine example is “Baby Sunshine,” a tune that takes some power-pop pages from Fancey’s main band and transposes them into funky, harmonica-laden groove with a skip in its step. It’s frankly delightful, so listen below.


01 “Love Mirage”
02 “Wander”
03 “Baby Love”
04 “Dream All Night”
05 “Witch Attack!”
06 “Carrie”
07 “Baby Sunshine”
08 “Disco Angel”
09 “Turn Around Baby”
10 “In The Morning Light”

Love Mirage is out 1/27. Pre-order will be available at Fancey’s site.

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