Watch Gucci Mane & Travis Scott Perform A Christmasy “Last Time” On Kimmel

Gucci Mane is now cranking out new albums so quickly that the promo machine can’t catch up. Later this week, Gucci will release his new LP The Return Of East Atlanta Santa. But last night, he was on TV doing the first single from Woptober, his last album — which, after all, is barely two months old. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Gucci did the banger “Last Time” with robo-voiced guest Travis Scott, who seemed to understand that he was a supporting player and who acted reasonably subdued. The stage was full of dry ice and fake snow, and Gucci had a DJ and a keytaurist backing him up. He also wore a fucking amazing suit. Network censors didn’t like his “they call me Gucci Mane Picasso cuz I painted they face” line, but they were apparently OK with all of Travis Scott’s lyrics about drugs. Watch the performance below.

The Return Of East Atlanta Santa is out 12/16 on Atlantic. Woptober is out now.