Madlib & DOOM – “Avalanche”

Madvillain, the duo of Madlib and MF Doom, released the absolutely classic album Madvillainy almost 15 years ago, and the world has been waiting ever since for them to follow it up. They haven’t, and they haven’t even shown much sign that they might make another record. But right now, there’s a new Madlib/DOOM collab floating out there in the world, so that’s something.

Actually, the new song “Avalanche” isn’t new, per se; a clip of the song has existed on the internet for years. (We posted it in 2011.) But the whole song is about to see release on a new 7″ single, and it’s being released in conjunction with a new eight-inch Madvillain action figure. It’s a fucking amazing song, and you can hear it below.

You can buy the “Avalanche” single and the action figure here. And maybe if it sells enough, they’ll finally make another Madvillain album! Probably not, though.