Apprehensive Patrick Carney Announces Black Keys Music On Spotify

The Black Keys have always been suspicious of the streaming services currently dominating the music landscape, and they’ve taken steps to keep their music off of, for instance, Spotify. Some of their music has always been available on the service, but big albums like Turn Blue and El Camino have never been part of Spotify. Until now. The band is just now allowing those albums to be streamed, but they don’t seem especially happy about it.

Last night, drummer Patrick Carney explained on Twitter that the band has decided to share all of its music on Spotify, explaining that he’d “rather people hear our music than not” while admitting that he’s “still apprehensive.”

Compare that to two years ago, when Carney said, “My whole thing about music is: if somebody’s making money then the artist should be getting a fair cut of it. The owner of Spotify is worth something like 3 billion dollars… He’s richer than Paul McCartney, and he’s 30, and he’s never written a song.”